So, you may remember when all this BS started that news stories started popping up about distilleries switching from making booze to making hand sanitizer.  It seems like a million years ago doesn't it?  But it made sense, right?  They couldn't sell booze because no one was buying anything.

Period.  No curbside.  No delivery.  No nothing.

Plus, there was a shortage of hand sanitizer why not help the community by providing a great way to kill this invisible monster?  It was kind of like in World War II when Detroit went from making cars to making tanks.

Same assembly line.  Different product.

Well, there was an unintended consequence to this product. My wife works at a hospital.  They had a jug of this Mississippi River Distillery Hand Sanitizer in their department.  She would put some on from time to time between patients and going room to room.  She had been talking about this wart on her finger for some time.  It was getting quite large but after using this hand sanitizer over and over and started to disappear.  In fact, now it is gone completely!

So, OK. Maybe a fluke.  Right?

So we bought a gallon so my daughter could use it at home. She had a couple on her fingers that we would put medicine on for a couple days in a row...then it'd start peeling and eating the skin away so the medicine started hurting...then we'd stop.  We'd start over after a week or so...repeat for a year a time.  It's really been going on for over a year.  We were going to make an appointment with a doctor but instead...we got this hand sanitizer.

I'm telling you...this is a miracle wart cure!  Her warts are totally gone!  All from using this hand sanitizer several times a day.  I'm kicking myself for not doing a before & after picture because the results are incredible.

By the way this is not a paid endorsement.  Although if Ryan Burchett wants to talk more about the new MRDistillery brand Wart Remover idea...I'm down to chat over some Maple Whiskey.

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