I don't remember this part of 'Steamboat Willie.'

A woman dressed as Minnie Mouse on Las Vegas Boulevard is caught on video getting into a scuffle with another woman in a "SECURITY" shirt. It isn't clear who started the fight,

Minnie's head falls off immediately, but that just makes her more pissed. Looking like she has some fighting experience, Minnie throws a storm of calculated blows into the face of the woman. Mickey jumped right in to give a hand as someone else tries to pull Minnie away. Don't touch Mickey's girl.

Minnie eventually takes off the oversized feet, and can be heard yelling "I ain't no bitch!"

Goofy was standing nearby at the beginning of the video, but is out of frame. By the end of the video, he's nowhere to be found.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said they're aware of the video, but haven't had any complaints filed with the department.

Read more at New York Post

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