This sounds like satire, but sadly, it's real. Millennials are now hiring consultants to help keep their plants alive. "The New York Post" interviewed a few different consultants, and they can make hundreds of dollars per project.

They help with things like watering schedules and using the right type of fertilizer, and they also help pick out plants that are easy to keep alive and don't require a ton of maintenance. Some of them also offer plant-sitting services when you're out of town.

One guy who does it says he makes an average of around $300 per client. He says some people want him to just buy the plants himself, and sometimes they get super-involved, like they're, quote, "picking out a wedding dress."

Apparently most plant consultants work on their own, and get the majority of their clients through Instagram, but a website called The Sill is getting in on it now too.

They now have a "Plant Parenthood Club" for $40 a year, and offer classes like, "How to Pick a Planter" and "Watering 101."

The woman who started it says some of her clients get really into it, almost like their plants are their children. Some of them even use the term, "plant babies."

Apparently one of the big motivators behind all this is social media. People want their plants to be more Instagram-friendly. And they're willing to spend a lot of money to make it happen.

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