It's an issue that only Gen Z and the Millenials would have. The newest model of Xbox released Tuesday, and it looked as though there was already a problem with the system.

Microsoft looked into the matter, launching a full investigation into what was causing the smoke.
told The Verge. “We are in the process of investigating further.” As it turned out, the videos were fake. People were vaping into the system, which slowly blows the vapor out of the vented top. It wasn't long before videos replicating the ones spreading around the internet began to spread themselves.

The video translated; I would let you know to all English community because I saw some of English audience not clear with my video, the video is trying to EXPLAIN how videos of "Xbox on fire" are FAKE and how with a VAPOR you can make like is on fire even if is "OFF"

Obviously needing to do some damage control on a fake situation not caused by themselves, so they issued a statement that is truly a funny thing to read and realize what is going on in the world these days.

Good job internet.

Read more at NY Post

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