The Hawkeyes shared a new hype video to their Facebook page last night, and the biggest Hawkeye-freak I know is front and center of it.

That's right, our own Billy "The Hawk" Michaels can be seen at the 31 second mark of the video, pointing at the camera and rooting on his favorite team.

He points at the screen a roots around for a few seconds, but my favorite part is this chick who doesn't look impressed...

Iowa Hawkeyes via Facebook
Iowa Hawkeyes via Facebook

This guy doesn't look too impressed, either. He probably didn't have those ear muffs on until Michaels showed up.

attachment-Pissed off earmuff guy

Michaels is a bigger Hawkeye fan than most people I know, so it's deserving of him to be able to be featured on a hype video, because that's what he does all week long in the studio, is hype the Hawkeyes.

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