Police in Williamsport, Pennsylvania located meth and crack on a guy who was driving when he shouldn't have been, and he gave one of the most classic responses to the cops you'd ever hear.

The Williamsport Police Department says 62-year-old Cameron Ernest Belle stopped in the middle of the intersection of Elmira Street and Hawthorne Avenue on April 12 in front of a couple of officers with the police department.

This would have been fine, except there was no stop sign or signal in the intersection that he should've stopped for, it was only a two-way stop. They also knew who Belle was, and knew that he had a suspended driver license, according to the affidavit.

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Officer Andrew Stevens was on patrol, and caught up to Belle near the 300 block of Hawthorne. When he made contact with Belle, it was noted that his eyes were bloodshot, he had droopy eyelids and slurred his words during their conversation.

Obviously showing signs of some sort of impairment, Officer Stevens administered a sobriety test, which Belle failed.

In a pat down, they found a crack pipe in his pants pocket, a baggie of crack, and a half ounce of methamphetamine in his sock.

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Of course, he had "no idea" how the meth got in his sock and the pants weren't his, but he couldn't explain whose pants they were.

Belle refused to go get a blood test, so he was taken into custody by Stevens and charged with possession with intent, possession of a controlled substance, and a DUI second offense along with several summary traffic offenses.

Belle is being held at the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $75,000 bail. He's scheduled to appear before Judge Aaron Biichle on April 27th for a hearing.

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