A new study found if a guy buys you a cheap Valentine's Day gift, like a cheap box of chocolates or some cubic zirconia earrings, it's actually a sign he's really into you.

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That's a silver lining, right? I mean, you're getting a cheap gift but much more valuable real love. But slow down. Here's the real reasoning behind it.

Since he feels so close to you, he thinks of the two of you as a partnership, and picked a gift that also is good for him. In other words, he went cheap because it was win-win: You still got a decent gift, he saved money. Or he might have bought the cheaper chocolates because there were a lot more of them than a tiny box of boutique chocolates, so he knows he's going to get to eat some.

Anyway, if you get a surprisingly mediocre gift this Valentine's Day, just know deep down it's because his feelings are strong. That's great. But I'm guessing you might just rather have a real diamond.

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