COVID changed the way the restaurant business works, and it might be propelling us to the future a little bit faster than we thought we'd be going.

McDonald's is stepping it up with their efficiency, adding an AI to take orders in the drive-thru lines, starting with a store in the Chicago area.

It's weird to hear a robot ask you questions in a place you're used to a human, but the company compares the software to that of Alexa or Siri. It can even suggest food for you if you're unsure whether to get a burger or some chicken nuggets.

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TikToker "Soupmaster2000" captured the AI on video, saying it's the most dystopian thing she's ever seen.

@soupmaster2000😳😱This is the most dystopian thing I have ever seen in the 27 years of my life. 2020 is crazy. ##2020 ##mcdonalds ##food ##weird ##fyp ##TikTokRecipe♬ original sound - Julia

It even shows how much faster the AI is than human input. Guess we'll all be replaced sooner than we thought.

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