We've all been in a McDonald's Drive Thru after midnight at least once, looking to get a Chocolate Shake or a McFlurry, only to hear the worst words human ears could hear.

Shake Machine Broken.

The Ice Cream machines are notorious for being broken, which is sad but also disappointing that a company worth $163 BILLION isn't using ice cream machine equipment that works consistently. I mean, Whitey's is a small, local franchise that always has working shake machines. McDonald's may have an answer for the broken machines.

Many McDonald's franchisees are teaming up with software company Kytch, who has developed a module that will detect and correct the minor malfunctions and misfires in the machine. It even will give employees detailed information on what's wrong with it.

The device will attach to existing machines, and will ensure the automated cleaning processes of the machine are operating properly. It will also correct human errors, like adding too much or too little Ice Cream juice.

This announcement eases the mind as Shamrock Shake season is now upon us.

Read more at Fox News

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