Mayonnaise -- it's not just a condiment anymore.

Belmont and UT-Martin recently met in women's basketball, but it's not what happened on the court that has people talking. No, it's the antics of this Belmont fan, who was caught on camera spooning mayo out of a huge tub.

Did they run out of hot dogs, pretzels or any of the other cholesterol-busting cuisine offered at sporting events? And, even if they did, how hungry could he possibly have been that he was reduced to scarfing down Hellmann's like a girl who was just dumped plowing through Haagen-Dazs while binge-watching the new Gilmore Girls on Netflix?

Or, did he smuggle in the mayo? And, if he did, we have to ask why so much? Or maybe it's better we don't know the truth. Our waistline has expanded two sizes just by watching him.

Whatever the story behind his mayo moment, the guy owned it.

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