Gaithersburg, Md. - In a surprising turn of events, a Gaithersburg woman, Kristie Pereira, is demanding answers after discovering that her dog, Beau, believed to have been euthanized a year ago, is now up for adoption. Pereira is seeking clarity and wants her beloved pet back.

Dog Owner Seeks Answers After Discovering Pet Wasn't Euthanized, Now Up for Adoption

Pereira adopted Beau, a puppy, in December 2022 and quickly formed a deep bond with him. However, after two months, Beau began displaying unusual symptoms. Concerned, Pereira took him to a veterinarian, who suspected a neurological condition and prescribed medication. Despite the treatment, Beau’s condition did not improve, prompting a visit to an ER veterinarian who concurred with the initial assessment.

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Making The Toughest Decision

Faced with a tough decision and advised by multiple vets about Beau’s grim prognosis and potential poor quality of life, Pereira decided to euthanize Beau. She took him to Montgomery County Animal Services, following their policy that prevents owners from being present during euthanasia.

“I don’t think that someone that just wanted to get rid of the dog would feel anywhere close to how I’m feeling about this and how I have felt about it. Like, none of it was easy,” Pereira said, expressing her anguish and desire for answers.

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Reading The Fine Print

Montgomery County Animal Services provided FOX 5 with the euthanasia request form filled out by Pereira. The form has a clause stating that if the county deems the pet treatable and adoptable, they can choose to treat and rehome the pet instead of euthanizing it. This policy was enacted in Beau's case; after an evaluation, the county decided against euthanasia, diagnosed Beau with a liver issue, and began treatment.

Instead of informing Pereira, Beau was returned to the original adoption organization. Pereira, unaware of this, assumed her dog had been euthanized. She only discovered the truth last weekend when she saw Beau listed for adoption on the organization’s Facebook page.

The adoption organization confirmed that they informed Pereira she could return Beau to them, especially if she was considering euthanasia in an environment where she wouldn’t be present. Montgomery County Animal Services' policy of not allowing owners in the room during euthanasia was also reiterated.

Pereira recalls the conversation differently, believing she was advised to follow her vets' recommendations regarding euthanasia. Now, despite her distress, the adoption organization has stated they will adhere to their policy of not returning surrendered dogs to former owners.

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