Most younger people typically have a pretty wild night on New Year's Eve, usually because of a large amount of alcohol being involved.

“Call the fire department to break this m-----f-----,” Connor Padgett can be heard yelling in a video on X, stuck halfway inside of a decorative yard vase.

As when any problem arrises, every person around has a suggestion on how Padgett can get out of the vase, but none of the ideas seemed to work, because his legs were stuck inside of the vase.

“I am doing everything I f----- can. Goddamit!” he screams. “I already took my belt off, and that didn’t do s---.”

“I’m f---,” Padgett said as one party member went to grab a hammer and chisel.

One of the partygoers with the username Casual Thursday live Tweeted (or I guess X-ed now?) the events after Padgett was broken out.

“People are now discussing the cost of the shattered urn. I’m hearing prices ranging from $500 to as high as $3000 US American dollars.


Urn guy is up and moving around, but now without his pants, which were apparently lost or damaged in the incident. (Everyone seems fine with this) He wants a cigarette.


He wanted a double Makers on the rocks. I gave it to him and now he’s drinking alone and having a cigarette, still pantsless in the corner of the yard.


Looks like a friend is trying to usher him into an Uber. Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe out there. Remember, decorative urns always look bigger from the outside.”

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