We're almost a week away from the Fourth of July, and there are ALREADY reports of people suffering bad firework injuries.  Don't be stupid.

Traces of New Year's fireworks on the street
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A home in Darnestown was the site of an explosion on Tuesday evening, resulting in two people being taken to the hospital and a third person being evaluated.

Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service has determined that the cause of the explosion was due to the individual either manufacturing or modifying fireworks ahead of Independence Day.

Fireworks are dangerous and can cause serious injuries
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Finding Damage

Firefighters arrived at the home located on Cervantes Avenue in response to a report of smoke seen coming from the property. They found damage in both the garage and the driveway, with cars damaged and windows blown out. While the majority of the damage was found in the garage, the home has been condemned due to its extensive damage.

Injured People

The two individuals taken to the hospital suffered traumatic injuries, with one being life-threatening. A third person was evaluated at the home and was not taken to the hospital.

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"It's pretty shocking," one neighbor told WUSA9. "It's a big deal that it's on our street ... It's a pretty quiet street. Nothing happens here, so for this to occur is pretty surprising."

Authorities remind the public that all fireworks are illegal in Montgomery County due to the risks associated with them. According to the fire department, each year, fireworks in the United States cause approximately twelve deaths, 2,000 serious eye injuries, and 5.000 other injuries, including amputated fingers.

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