Sunday night, Maryland residents watched in awe as rescue and electrical crews worked to save the occupants of a plane that crashed into a power line tower in Gaithersburg.

More than 85,000 households and school districts were and some still are, without power in the area as the plane was stuck and suspended more than 100 feet in the air.

Sunday evening, the rescue efforts of the people inside the plane were on hold until the power could be cut to the tower. Luckily, neither occupant was injured in the crash.

As of 8:30am, Montgomery County Public Schools confirmed that power had been returned to their facilities, but checks were necessary to check that all heat, water, and network connectivity needed for operation were working properly. They said the checks would require the full day Monday, so no school will be in session until Tuesday, adding one more day of Thanksgiving break.

According to DC News Now, Patrick Merkle, 65, of Washington D.C. was the pilot, and his passenger was Jan Williams, 66, of Louisiana.

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