A man in his late fifties from Cary, IL is in critical condition in a hospital in Lake County. The cause of this is believed to be a firework that he had not expected to detonate, but it exploded in his face leaving him unconscious.

Be careful with fireworks - it is dangerous and can cause serious injury
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Recent Firework Accident

A man, whose name has not been released by law enforcement, sustained injuries when he peered into the tube that encased a high-quality fireworks device while igniting them at 9:15 p.m. on Sunday. The event occurred on Hickory Nut Grove Road, located in unincorporated Cary.

Upon arriving at the scene, the Lake County Sheriff's Office discovered the man in a state of alternating consciousness following the occurrence. According to reports on Monday, the individual came to the gathering with commercial-grade fireworks, which necessitate a permit.

The police reported that the individual ignited the explosive device, however, it did not detonate as he had intended. After peering into the tube containing the firework, the device discharged, hitting his face before finally detonating upon impact.

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“He lit a firework, which did not detonate as expected,” the sheriff's office said. “The man looked into the tube housing the firework and it discharged, striking his face and then exploding.”

Other fireworks were given to a bomb squad for destruction. They typically require a permit to possess and detonate, the sheriff's office said.

The sheriff's office said criminal charges are possible.

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Illinois Statistic

There were 120 people hospitalized with firework injuries last July in Illinois, according to the Illinois state fire marshal. About 15% of the injuries were to the victims’ faces.

Fireworks Are Illegal In Illinois

Fireworks in Illinois have been illegal since the Illinois Pyrotechnic Use Act was passed in 1942. It prohibits residents from buying and using fireworks other than small, novelty ones like sparklers and smoke bombs. Violating the law is a class A misdemeanor, punishable by fines ranging from $75-2,500.

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