David Brown moved into an apartment directly across the street from Wrigley Field a little over a year ago. And it took the Cubs getting into the playoffs before a baseball crashed into his window.

During the Cardinals' batting practice prior to Game Three, first baseman Mark Reynolds sent a ball flying 460 feet into the second story window of the apartments across the street.

Asked if he planned on cutting a check to cover the cost of the window, Reynolds joked that it is collateral damage for living so close.

"It's just like living on a golf course," Reynolds said.

Brown doesn't want any money. He said he would even send Reynolds a piece of the glass if the player wanted a souvenir. Giving the ball back isn't an option, as it fell to the apartment below. But Brown did have one thing in mind.

"Maybe he (Reynolds) could get us tickets to the game, or something like that," Brown said.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch