In general, I think the justice system should treat everyone the same, but this guy deserves extra punishment. Because how ridiculous is this?

59-year-old Andrew Lippi lives in the Florida Keys, and he's filthy stinking rich. Late last month, he bought a private island with a huge estate for $8 million, and he also owns a 12-bedroom mansion that was used for the 17th season of "The Real World" in 2006.

But even though he obviously has plenty of money, he got arrested on Saturday... for trying to steal $300 worth of stuff from Kmart.

Apparently he needed stuff for his new mansion, because right after he closed on it last month, he bought two new coffeemakers, eight light bulbs, and a bed skirt at Kmart. Then police say he put other stuff in the boxes and tried to return them.

The box for the bed skirt had a pillowcase in it, he replaced the light bulbs with other bulbs, and put a basketball in a Keurig coffeemaker box.

Andrew claims he didn't do it, and someone else must have switched out the products. He's facing a felony grand theft charge, and he's due in court next week.

Read more at the Miami Herald.

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