The Catoosa County Inmate roster shows that a 55-year-old man who stopped a bus full of children was arrested and charged with disruption or interference with operation of public schools.

The investigation began after police received reports that a man reportedly stopped and blocked a bus full of kids on their way home from school, demanding to know the name and address of the kid who had flipped off his wife.

As the incident unfolded Monday around 4:30pm on Stewart Road and Smith Chapel Road near Ringgold, Georgia, video was taken of the man, showing him blocking the bus.

The release from the Catoosa County Government says that 55-year-old Roger O'Neal Barrett called the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office to ask for help with traffic so he could cross his cattle.

According to the news release,

Before the deputy arrived, Barrett had allegedly stopped a Catoosa County Public Schools bus in the area and parked his truck so that the bus could not continue its route. Barrett claims a student onboard the bus flashed an obscene hand gesture toward his wife and child, and he demanded the student’s information. While deputies were on the way there was a heated verbal argument between Barrett and parents arriving on the scene. Barrett left the scene before the officers arrived.

One of the parents, Scarlett Grace Rutherford,  who was on the scene shared video to Facebook, with the caption "This man blocked my kids bus today (about 20+ students were still on the bus) and would not move "until he got the name and address of the kid who flipped off his wife". Not sure who or where Rollins Ranch is, but I wanted to make sure this man was properly exposed for child endangerment incase this gets sweeped under the rug. You don't hold a bus of kids hostage because your feelings got hurt by a minor."

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