An Aiken, South Carolina man was arrested after he allegedly stole the remains of his ex-girlfriend's mom to sell for drug money to buy heroin, according to deputies.

The ex-girlfriend of the suspect said she left her home on Augusta Road in Warrenville around 10pm Tuesday to go to a friend's house.

Aiken County Sheriff's Office
Aiken County Sheriff's Office

Then, she received a call from her ex-boyfriend at 5:20am telling her that he'd taken some of her mom's ashes.

According to the arrest warrant, he planned to sell the ashes to get the heroin.

When the victim returned home, she found her back door had been kicked in, and the home had been ransacked.

She said her mom's ashes had been tampered with, and some had been spread over the floor.

Grief - urn Funeral and cemetery

Rutland was arrested around 11pm Thursday and booked into Aiken County Jail on charges of destruction, desecration or removal of human remains, and burglary, according to jail records.

It's unclear how he planned to get enough, or really any money for the remains to purchase heroin.

“I’ve never heard of anything like that,” said sheriff’s Capt. Eric Abdullah.

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