There are activists out there that aren't actually committed to their cause, but this guy is more than all in.

A 20 year old was called to the podium for a simple drug charge in Wilson County.

Spencer Alan Boston was expressing his viewpoint that marijuana should be legalized in Tennessee. To make his point he "reached into his pocket and pulled out a marijuana cigarette" which he then lit and started smoking, according to police. He turned around to make a comment to the courtroom attendees but was immediately grabbed by police. Many in the room began laughing, according to Wilson County Sheriff's Office Lt. Scott Moore.

Spencer was arrested again and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Simple Possession. His bond is set at $3,000. Friends of Spencer have created a GoFundMe to cover his bond, which has already raised nearly $2,000 as of 9am January 28th.


An officer in the room said the incident left a lingering odor in the room.

Read more at Tennessean

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