Stephen went through high school like many of us, not the coolest. He loved jazz band so much he went on to study jazz in college, and now lives as a struggling musician in Baltimore. His father's wish is that his son would take over his dental practice, so Stephen studied dentistry post-grad, but he hasn't made the decision to take over the practice.

Stephen was happy with his life until he got an email inviting him to his high school's 10-year reunion. He didn't want to show up and let people think he failed his dream of becoming a musician, but didn't want them to think he just followed his dad's footsteps and ended up stuck in town. He wasn't sure what to do, until he spotted an advertisement.

Oobah is an app that lets you order a look alike of yourself, which you can send to events (just like this), to make people believe you're more attractive than yourself, plus they're pretending to be you, so why not be a richer, successful version of you?


The creator of Oobah met up with Stephen to help him go all out on this project, in a few steps:

  1. Convince Classmates He's A Successful Musician: Hanging posters around town showing off "Stephen" and his tour schedule (which doesn't stop in his hometown of Columbia, Maryland)
  2. Establish "Stephen" as a Cool Kid: Befriend the most popular kid in the graduating class.
  3. Charm The Highschool Crush: Cool, hot "Stephen" will show up and charm the high school crush, Katie.

Check out the whole thing here:

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