We've all sent a text at some point after a night of drinking that we look at the next day with confusion, just as the recipient did the night before.

The South Carolina Aquarium has a phone number you can text questions to about the aquarium, which someone will respond to, even if it's a barrage of questions that come in at midnight from someone who has had too many.

South Carolina Aquarium shared the conversation on their Twitter page.

I'm currently at the corner of marketing and meeting. What would I have seen around me 10,000 years ago before the area was settled by humans?

Also, when was the area settled?

Is there something unique to the low country that those who study marine life are fascinated by?

The questions went on and on, with seven of them being shown by the aquarium. My favorite was him asking why he should only eat oysters in months that contain the letter 'R.'

SC Aquarium responded to each and every question, with great questions. I thought the oyster question was a drunk ramble that he came up with on his own, but it turned out to be a legitimate "rule." The aquarium said it's because of the bacteria growth that is harmful to humans being more prevalent in the hot months that don't have 'R's.'

Around noon, which is a good time to wake up after drinking all night, the guy answered the messages from the aquarium.

Thank you so much for all of your answers! My wife should be happy I drunk text aquariums and not other women.

The aquarium ended the interaction by thank him for texting them, and saying that his wife is a "turtle-y lucky lady."

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