Shaun Skursky was vacationing with his family in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and is now being called a hero for saving a boy's life.

Two boys were swimming in a lazy river when one of them got caught underwater and could not resurface for air. Here's how Shaun says the whole thing went down:

"I was in the hot tub. I hear a lady screaming for help, and I grabbed my son, ran over to see what the problem was, and saw there was two boys in the water, and I jumped in to start helping. "

"I just dove under water and I started breathing into his mouth. Every time I came up, I took another breath and when I went down, I blew my oxygen into his mouth and on the way up, tried to pull him out and it just wasn't working."

"I had no time to think at all. I saw two boys in the water. I heard someone screaming for help, and I just jumped in the pool. I guess it's part of our DNA as first responders and corrections officers. It's what we do. Get the job done and then think about it later."

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