Getaround, a newer vehicle-sharing service, is like Airbnb for your car. You list your vehicle on their website, and then people can rent it from you for the day, or however long they need it.

John Krauklis bought a new new truck for himself, but decided to try out Getaround by renting out his old 2006 Ford F-150. He even included a screwdriver with the rental.

"It's for people doing Home Depot runs and moving furniture with their friends," he said. "In case they needed to put together some IKEA stuff."

When someone rented his truck last year, it wasn't for moving furniture, but was for moving something a little more illegal.

"I got a call from Denver Police Department, and they said your truck has been involved in an incident," Krauklis told Denver7. "We found drugs and money and weapons in your vehicle so now we have to confiscate it."

The Denver Police Department said they arrested Alexander Uhey Medina and seized the truck on August 3, 2019.

Denver7 went and confirmed that Krauklis' truck was sold at auction for $5,200 this September, without ever contacting him. A letter was sent to an old address which was returned.

Denver City Attorney's Office said they didn't call him because they have to mail documents to the address they have on file.

"The officer told me they were holding my car until the case was closed and it could be months. I was in denial for a long time," said Krauklis, saying that he feels like Getaround would make the situation right. "You rented out my car to a criminal, and I lost it for good."

Getaround said they won't pay for anything, because Krauklis can't prove there was damage.

"This is a big corporation using their lawyer speak or fine print to write me out and say, 'sorry, you lost,'" he said. "They completely backed out on their word."

Denver7 contacted the company, who then sent out a statement saying they are "working to resolve this matter."

Hours after the statement was released, Krauklis received an email from Getaround offering to pay him $10,000 for the loss of his truck.

"This company took responsibility and puts this at peace for me," he said.

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