Seven years ago, Jared Ream had to give up one of his favorite thing in the world: roller coasters. Weighing in at 430 pounds, he wasn't able to fit on the rides anymore, and often was escorted off the ride because he didn't fit in the seat.

On August 15, 2019, Ream found out that the Orion roller coaster was coming to Kings Island, and he decided that no matter what, he's going to ride that roller coaster.

In the 10 months since that decision, he lost 190 pounds in order to make the fit.

"I reduced my diet down to around 2,000 calories. I was exercising daily within my garage. While binge-watching television shows, I would run in place," Jared told WKRC.

As for the ride, it's Jared's favorite.

"Not only is it a great roller coaster, but for me, it will always be one of my top favorite roller coasters just because of the sentimental value of it. Before all of this, I was on blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication and now I'm off all of it...I've received many messages from many people that have said, 'This has happened to me. It's great to hear your story that I can do.' I've gotten messages saying that they're going to start their diet based on what I told them my story was, and it just makes me feel good that I've helped those people."

"It was a motivation for me to change my life, and I'll think about that every time I ride the ride."

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