Well, we finally found the one dude on Earth who actually LIKES the DMV, and he's in jail for it.

There's a 34-year-old guy named Timothy Howe in Troy, Missouri, and apparently, he's a big fan of the local DMV. But, like, TOO big of a fan.

Over the past few months he's been repeatedly buying pizza for the employees, driving through their parking lot all the time, following the employees on social media, and going in to ask for a bunch of random forms over and over.

But the employees felt like he really crossed the line when he gave one of them some cash for a, quote, "manicure or pedicure." They told him to stay away and it escalated from there.

He got his hands on an employee's cell phone number, started texting her, and even drove past her while she was filling up at a gas station.

So Timothy was arrested for first-degree stalking and first-degree harassment, and with that, the DMV drops back down to zero die-hard fans.

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