An unnamed man in Nebraska's family had to rush him to the Emergency Room after he made tea out of psychedelic mushrooms and injected it into his veins.

According to a case report in the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.

The man has Type 1 Bipolar Disorder, the doctors discovered, and had been off medications, which caused him to go through manic and depressive episodes. During recent episodes, he'd researched how to lower his opioid use at home.

That's when he came across studies about psilocybin, the drug found in magic mushrooms, and its uses treating anxiety and depression.

Previously, a study from John Hopkins and New York University conducted studies of cancer patients who battled anxiety and depression due to their diagnosis. After being given psilocybin, most of the patients reported an improvement in the symptoms immediately after treatment and over time.

The man learned, however, that it's not meant to be injected, which he hopefully learned after his three week stay in the hospital.

Rather than ingest the mushrooms as-is, or in the form of a powder mixed into tea, he decided to get it straight it into his system.

He boiled the mushrooms in water, filtered the liquid through a cotton swab, then injected the substance into his bloodstream.

A few days later, he started to become overly tired, vomited blood, and developed jaundice, diarrhea, and nausea. When he arrived at the hospital, he was dazed and confused, and couldn't give a coherent interview.

Blood samples showed that the mushrooms had begun to grow in his bloodstream, which had lead to liver injury, kidney function loss, as well as other organ failure.

The man had to be placed on a ventilator, and his blood had to be filtered to remove the toxins. His stay was 22 days.

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