How exactly do you forget something like this?

A case reported in BMJ Case Reports, an Australian man went to an ENT because of headaches and constant sinus pain and problems. Upon examination, they decided to do a CT scan, where they found what appeared to be a lesion in his right nostril, sized 19mmx11mm. Next a nasendoscopy revealed a "firm gray mass" was in his nasal cavity.

They decided to remove the foreign object, under anesthetics. The report stated "The histopathology report noted a 'rubber capsule containing degenerate vegetable/plant matter'."

Once determined to be a cannabis-filled balloon, the man admitted to shoving it up his nose during a prison visit from his girlfriend. He was able to successfully sneak it past the prison's guards and when he wasn't able to retrieve it, he shoved it up there a little bit further.

He told his doctor he wasn't sure what happened to it, and just had assumed he had swallowed the balloon at some point.

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