Dave Roe did an interview with "Good Morning America" some time last year and I can't believe I missed it. Because thanks to him I now know exactly what it's like to have a home invader.

Here it is in his own words:

See that’s what the problem was. See I heard ‘em first I said hold on. I said hold up, wait a minute. Something ain’t right because then I started to taste em... And then I started to smell ‘em, so it was like a smell like a taste like, I knew something special about it. You know?

I ran upstairs. I had to run I had to do what that little girl... what’s that hiding girl? Who dat girl uh, in the holocaust, she had uh, she uh Anne Hathaway…Ann Frank! That’s that hiding bitch ain’t it?! I had to get up the stairs. So he had so much rhythm when he was walking up the stairs. Bitch, I almost started to beat box up in that closet. But I couldn’t do it yet. I couldn't die, I got court tomorrow. So, I'm just a little shook up, that's all.

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