A Michigan man bought a couch with an ottoman and some other furniture at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near Detroit, but got his investment back and much more.

Howard Kirby was just looking to furnish his mancave, but thought the foot rest that came with his new-to-him couch was ridiculously uncomfortable and lumpy.

Kirby's daughter-in-law investigated the lumpiness, only to find $43,000 in cash inside of the foot rest where there was supposed to be stuffing. Obviously excited, Kirby called his lawyer to ask if he legally could keep the money, which he could.

He said he had a spiritual feeling he was supposed to return the money, saying it's what God would want him to do.

Kirby contacted Habitat for Humanity and together they tracked down who had donated the furniture, a woman named Kim. The store manager arranged a meet to had off the cash.

Kim said the donated furniture came from her recently deceased grandfather's house. She told Kirby her grandfather paid cash for everything, and wasn't known to use a bank.

Habitat for Humanity has labeled Kirby as a "Habitat Hero."

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