Imagine coming home from a trip you had to take for work, just to find out your car is missing from the secured airport parking lot. That’s what one man from Texas is dealing with after thieves got away with his truck while it was under the watchful eye of the airport.

Back In Town, Time To Pick Up The Truck

Sean Coffee told ABC13 he parks his car so often at the Park Fast & Relax lot over by the William P. Hobby airport while he travels for work that he and the employees know each other.

Naturally, he was quite surprised to get back from a work trip on Wednesday night and learn from garage staff that a couple who had no IDs, no key, and no parking ticket saying Coffee’s blue Ford F-350 belonged to them were let right into the parking area.


The couple even called a locksmith, who came in and made a new key for them without ever asking for any identification.

Coffee told ABC13 "I was so tired at the time I was like, 'This is great.’”

About Locksmiths

According to the news outlet, they asked Khaled Bakkar, who works for Automobile Locksmith. He told them a locksmith who gets a non-owner into a car and fails to prove they are the owner could definitely see themselves slapped with some legal repercussions.

"Anytime anyone legitimate comes out to you, they need to ask for your driver's license and any proof of ownership," Bakkar said.

Car keys in a lock

The couple, who allegedly claimed to garage staff they did not have IDs, should have been stopped there but were not. The locksmith should have checked their IDs to verify they matched the car’s registration.

"They should always have something that will match," Bakkar said.

The Missing Truck is Found

There lies the fault of the locksmith, who, because of not verifying their identities, allowed the couple to drive away with the brand-new F-350 with minimal effort.

The good news is that Coffee got a call from police on Thursday saying his truck had been found at Baymont Wyndham Hotel right by the airport.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Coffee went back to the parking garage to get images of the locksmith and couple, but when he arrived, he was told he needed a court order, leaving the story up in the air for now.

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