A Tennessee man has called 911 over 1,100 times in the last six weeks, obviously a misuse of the emergency dispatch system, being all he did was ask if they wanted to buy egg rolls.

Shelby County Sheriff's Department
Shelby County Sheriff's Department

Huu Nguyen, a 54-year-old from Memphis, started dialing 911 in mid-July. By his arrest on September 3rd, he'd racked up 1,171 calls, even though "he did not have an emergency," according to the criminal complaint.

On Tuesday alone, Nguyen called 911 a total of 241 times. On Wednesday, he called and asked if they'd like to buy egg rolls and hung up.

Nguyen has several prior convictions for misusing the emergency dispatch system, and has even been branded a "habitual 911 abuser."

He was arrested outside a Memphis building home to a Vietnamese restaurant, and Oriental Best Market. The complaint doesn't say if he's with the restaurant or market. It's also unclear if he has egg rolls readily available.

Huu Nguyen was arrested and sent to the Shelby County Jail. Let's hope nobody puts money on his phone card.

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