A delivery driver for Happy's Pizza in Michigan had a night start out the same as any, delivering pizza, before the night took a wild turn.


Update: Here's our conversation with Kevin from this morning


Rayden Jones was running a delivery into Port Huron High School and when he came out of the building, he noticed his car was gone.

Police said the woman who stole the car has a history of mental health problems.

Kevin Lindke was on his way home when he noticed the car driving recklessly, so he started to follow and called police.

He followed the car onto the freeway in the wrong direction, keeping the police updated as she sideswiped a vehicle, and then dumping the car and running. Kevin chased her down and convinced her to stop and wait with him for the police to arrive.

The next day, Kevin found out the vehicle belonged to a pizza delivery driver. He called the store and spoke with the manager, who told Kevin how hard working Rayden is.

Kevin showed up with the title and keys of a 2003 Town and Country minivan for Rayden. Kevin was trying to sell the vehicle, but decided it would be better suited for Rayden.

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We talked with Kevin, who we found out might just be the coolest guy on the planet. He's a local hero now, but he's also running for mayor of Port Huron. He works for his parents who own the demolition company that brought down the Silverdome.

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