Surveillance video shows why you should know what the person you're going to try and rob is capable of before you even attempt it.

In the clip, a man walking to the back of his SUV as two suspects, one holding a gun, run up to him and shove the gun in his face.

"Are you serious?" The not-so-much-of-a victim said.

It's then that he knocks the gun out of his face, punches the robber, and wraps up on him from behind to pick him up.

The robber hits the ground and goes limp for a second, and the gun can be heard skipping across the pavement.

"All right, all right, all right," the robber yells while he's on the ground, just before he starts squealing.

"Hey! Let him go! Let him go!" can be heard shouting.

In one swift move, the "victim" pulls the robber from the ground and sends him running.

"Get the f*ck out of here! F*ck outta here!" he yelled.

The suspects ran off, leaving the gun behind in the street.

Really, these kids should've known as soon as they heard the words 'Are you serious?' that they weren't going to be leaving the robbery the same way they went in.

The streets teach rough lessons.

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