In a rather comical turn of events, an aspiring robber discovered that the nail salon he had targeted for a robbery was not the easy score he had anticipated. The incident, caught on video surveillance, showcased a rather baffling exchange between the would-be robber and the fearless patrons and employees.

Twitter @Phil_Lewis_
Twitter @Phil_Lewis_

Atlanta, Georgia

As the doors swung open, our culprit stealthily walked into the Atlanta nail salon, his hand concealed within a seemingly ominous bag. His intention was to create the illusion of a concealed firearm, coercing innocent bystanders into complying with his demands. However, fate had something entirely different in store for him.

Robbers Need Training Too

Commanding everyone to "Get on the ground!", the room fell into an eerie silence. To the dismay of our hopeful criminal, no one budged an inch. Undeterred, he sternly asked, "Who's got the money?" but his words were met with blank stares.

Twitter @Phil_Lewis_
Twitter @Phil_Lewis_

Unfazed, a courageous woman made a bold decision. Rising from her seat, she resolved to leave the premises, possibly seeing the futility of engaging with this confused individual. The robber, realizing he couldn't let anyone escape without responding to his demands, hastily stopped her. "Give me the money! Where's the money?" he pleaded.

Her response, uttered with a touch of annoyance and disbelief, only added to the absurdity of the situation. "I don't have any," she nonchalantly retorted before striding out of the salon without so much as a second glance.

Undeterred by this apparent lack of wealth, the inept robber frantically reiterated his request. "Everybody give me everything!" he desperately demanded, his frustration becoming palpable.

Giving Up

Overwhelmed by the collective defiance of the patrons and employees, the confused robber simply froze in place, caught between a rock and a hard place. With a sense of utter defeat washing over him, he quietly retreated from the salon.

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