A man identified as Paul Elcombe was jailed for breaking someone's jaw. His weapon of choice... A seagull.

Yes a seagull, you know, squak squak.

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First the monkey, now the man. Recently, a monkey from the Chester Zoo plucked a seagull out of the air and ate it, and now a man uses a seagull as a weapon. Seagulls better go into hiding because for some weird reason, these birds are being targeted.

The 29-year-old man, Paul Elcombe, was walking home after a two-day streak of drinking and drugging. He stumbled across an injured seagull lying in the road.

When seeing an injured animal on the street, there are two kinds of people. Type #1, people who care so much for the injured animal that they either find help or try to nurse the animal back to health. Type #2, people who leave the injured animal alone, and don't touch it in fear of disease. Paul Elcombe is a rare case, as he did not fall into either category. This man chose to pick up the injured seagull and use it as a weapon.

He walked around a nearby Premier Store in Mutley Plain, showing the bird to people. He then spotted his victim. Elcombe first threw the bird at a man, then continued to beat him.

Elcombe punched, kicked, and stomped on the man's head as he lay on the ground before hitting him with a belt.

The assault was so violent that he left his victim with a broken jaw, Plymouth Crown Court was told.

The unidentified victim was taken to the hospital where he was treated for two fractures to the jaw.

Paul Elcombe was jailed for over a year. Elcombe was also given another two weeks as a result of failing to show up for his trial.

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