You've heard of Curious George, but what about "Furious" George?

A monkey residing in the zoo in Cheshire, UK has gone viral after disturbing footage shows the little primates aren't as sweet and friendly as we thought.

“It was like watching the real King Kong,” Bec Adamson, 32, told Kennedy of the violent attack, which happened while she was at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire.

16vgrale via YouTube
16vgrale via YouTube

A group of seagulls was circling around above a monkey sanctuary, and one of the monkeys decided to have a snack. So, he climbed up the pole, and snatched one of the birds out of the air, before beating it on the pole until it was unconscious, throwing it down to the ground and eating it.

“We’d just been to see the rhinos, so we were walking across, then I saw all these seagulls circling and then this monkey caught one as it was flying past,” Adamson said. She was at the zoo with her partner, Jamie, and her 5-year-old son Dominik. “I told Jamie and Dominik looked too, so I started filming. When I zoomed in I could see he was battering the f–k out of this seagull. I couldn’t believe I was catching it on video."


The most disturbing part is that the monkey seemingly licked its fingers when the seagull collapsed.

Adamson said after the video ended, the monkey then dropped the seagull to the ground, so it could climb down and "rip out its insides," which it then dragged back to its cage to eat.

portrait of a screaming seagull. Close-up
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The video is really something else, and shows that even though the animals look cute and cuddly in the zoo enclosures, they're moments from showing their deeply wired traits.

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