Dave Chernosky, 54, is recovering after sustaining severe cuts to his face from a wild bear.

"I was asleep and heard something in the kitchen. And I just kind of laid there thinking, 'Okay, something's wrong,'" Dave said on Good Morning America, "So I went to the kitchen, saw [the bear] there. He was already in the fridge and cupboards and stuff like that."

Chernosky said his family was at a friends when the attack happened.

"My kids were in the basement, so I had to make sure it didn't get down."


Listen to our conversation with Dave below.


He said he made loud noises, and made it follow him to the garage, but when the overhead opener turned on, the sound scared the bear. He made a swipe at Chernosky's face.

Chernosky told "GMA" that he was taken to a hospital for surgery and now has a series of stitches along his cheek, jaw, ear and back, but was told he would make a full recovery.

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