Is it still a Florida Man story if the guy is from Alabama?

A man from Mobile, Alabama was arrested for trespassing when he was caught trying to camp out on one of the abandoned islands inside Disney World.

Richard McGuire, 42, was arrested after he refused to leave the long abandoned Discovery Island. He told police he had been on the island for about a week, just camping.

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The deputy explained to McGuire that he was in a restricted area that was not open to the public. McGuire explained to the deputy that he didn't know that, and just thought it "looked like a tropical paradise."

Disney employees spotted McGuire on the island earlier that day, and called police. The deputies ended up looking on foot, and using a helicopter and multiple boats.

Orange County Sheriffs Department

The boats used speaker systems to tell him to get off the island, but he claims he didn't hear them because he was inside a building on the island.

McGuire was arrested for trespassing, and has been banned from visiting any Walt Disney World Properties.

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