A southwest Virginia man blew off his hand off in an explosive accident is to be charged in federal court now that they've learned of the reasons for the explosion.

23-year-old Cole Carini of Richlands, VA walked into a hospital Wednesday with one hand off, the other missing fingers, and other shrapnel wounds on his body.

When asked, he told authorities he had an incident with a lawnmower. Obviously they didn't fall for that one and searched his home, where they found explosive materials, rusty nails, pipes, and pieces of flesh.

The authorities also found a scorched letter referencing tension "as he now approached the stage of hot cheerleaders" and "I will not be afraid of the consequences no matter what I will be heroic I will make a statement like Elliott Rodgers."

Elliot Rodgers killed 6, including two women, outside a sorority house near Santa Barbara before committing suicide. He left behind a manifesto that has been a rally point for those in the online incels community. Incels, short for "involuntary celibate," justify violence against women as revenge for men rejected as sexual partners.

Virginia State Police, the FBI, and ATF were involved with the investigation.

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