The owner of Macomb Pet Land was arrested earlier this week following a police investigation of the store that uncovered 41 dead animals.

38-year-old Jessica Spangler of Avon, Illinois was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals. Officers found a few dozen dead animals including: 10 snakes, 8 rabbits, 5 hamsters, 5 mice, 3 hermit crabs, 3 tarantulas, 2 degus, a lizard, a gerbil, a rat, a guinea pig, a cockatiel, and some fish.

The investigation of Pet Land started after neighbors began complaining about foul odors coming from the store. Turns out the building had been without power since May 14th since nobody was paying the bill.

Police were met with the overwhelming scent of dead animals and ammonia when they entered the store. Along with the deceased animals, they discovered 56 who had survived and are now being fostered.

Spangler told police that she had arranged for someone to check on the animals and had no idea the condition they were in. More arrests are likely to be forthcoming in this case.

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