Lopiez Pizza has come up with a pretty cool idea to not only promote their pizza...but also found a way to get local bands in the mix while also potentially helping local charities!

It's a brilliant idea!

They choose a new artist every month at 10% goes back to the artist or a charity of their choosing.

I talked with Andrew Lopez about their new pizza for June which is Pit Lords Extra Sloppy Pizza and it features sloppy joe, onions, pickles, and a drizzle of mustard.

But instead of the band taking 10% of the profits for themselves they have donated their portion to Kings Harvest Animal Shelter.

Pit Lord is a band self described as Barbecue Death Metal.

Pit Lord

In 2018 Dan Freitag and Lyndon Ehlers merged their two passions; grilling meats and jamming old school death metal, to create Pit Lord, the first BBQ Death Metal project. With serious riffs, heavy programmed drums and a dash of humor they create a unique musical experience both in-studio and on stage.

You can check out they’re offering Seasonings in the Abyss here https://cratermetalusa.wixsite.com/pitlorddeathmetal

But of course you'll want to get to LoPiez Pizza in Davenport and now Moline because they've got some incredible pizza.  Add to that, the fact that they're helping local and regional bands get their name out and maybe even add some money to local charities and you've got a great reason to pick up some pizza that might be out of the normal rotation for you.

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