Here we go again, another he said she said viral video, Employee vs customer, business vs consumer. Is the customer always right, or is the customer bad sh*t crazy?

This one is for you to decide.

Tiktok user @thetwistedwinter uploaded a video of the last half of his experience at a Little Caesars in Sandy, Utah.

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@thetwistedwinter ordered his pizza on the Little Caesars app and drove to the store to pick it up. His pizza was not ready so he asked the worker at the counter if they had any Hot-N-Ready cheese pizzas. The manager told him that there were no pizzas ready and that it would be a 15-minute wait.

He was confused why there were no Hot-N-Ready pizzas at 6 PM, as he probably assumed they would have made a lot of pizzas for a dinner time rush.


The Tiktoker said, "He's like, 'do you want to wait for it?' and I was like 'no I'm just asking, is that still a thing, Litlle Caesars still has Hot-N-Ready pizzas and stuff?"

"He was like. 'you know what get the F out of here' grabbed my pizza and crushed my pizza. The one I paid for."

@thetwistedwinter was taken back by the event so he went out to his car to get his phone, came back inside and started recording the worker.

The Tiktok video below shows the argument between the two individuals.

@thetwistedwinter was upset about the pizza crush and wanted a refund. The manager repeatedly tells him to get out. Eventually, he did leave the store.

When @thetwistedwinter was asked if he reached out to Little Caesars he said, "They haven't contacted me. I tried to contact them with no result. It's a franchise chain owned by 3 people, what is corporate going to do for me?"

Comments On The Video

  • Double Scoop: I'm not buying it. He may have cursed but he seemed more calm than you. I want to hear the employee's side cause yall be wilding.
    • (Reply) TwistedWinter · Creator: I was calm until he grabbed my pizza from my hands and scratched my hand. After that, I was justifiably furious!
  • TRexx: As someone who works customer service, my gut is telling me there's more to this story than you're letting on.


  • Jack: The way he swatted at your phone when he came out makes me believe you.


  • JackNatas85: As a person who used to work for Little Caesars, are you aware that during dinner rush it is nearly impossible to keep an inventory of Hot N’ Ready'?
    • (Reply) TwistedWinter · Creator: I am aware of that. This is also Sandy, Utah. There isn't a dinner rush most of the time here, and I was waiting outside and would have seen one.

Who Was In The Right?

It's easy to take @thetwistedwinter's side since it is his story we are hearing, but some people seem to think there is more to the story than he is letting on.

People who work in customer service know just how crazy customers can be. On the other hand, some consumers have experienced terrible treatment from employees.

Although we may never know the full story, we can still have fun creating our own assumptions of what REALLY happened within this interaction.

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