A suspected burglar was found trapped inside a Little Caesar's pizza oven vent. He was stuck for several hours.

Police and firefighters came to the rescue in Lithonia Georgia when they received a report about a man stuck in a Little Caesar's pizza vent.

The suspected burglar was pulled from an exhaust vent on Tuesday morning around 9 AM. The man had been stuck in there for several hours, the fire chief said.

The Little Caesar's is located in a strip in DeKalb County and shares a wall with an army recruiting base. Army recruiters working next door hear the trapped man calling for help as they came into work for the day. By 10:30 a.m. the man was being removed by police.

DeKalb Fire Captain Jason Daniels said, "I'm not sure what time the restaurant closes at night but the oven still gives off heat after they close I imagine. For him to get down into the pipe and escape with no injuries, again he had to do it in a certain window of time when the oven was cool enough and obviously nobody was there."

After the man was removed from the vent he was walked to an ambulance and taken to a hospital.

Although the man did not admit to trying to rob the store, that is what police suspected he was doing. Why else would you wiggle your way down a Pizza oven vent in the middle of the night? This was definitely not an accident.

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