The MLB's League Championship series is about to kick off on Sunday, and there's a come-from-behind story in the making with the Texas Rangers involving one of the bigger names of rock in the 90s.

Music as a motivational tool is nothing new in the world of sports. Walkout songs, victory songs, scoring songs - you name it, stadiums and teams will use music to inspire feelings within their players to play harder and better than their opponents, as well as pump up the crowd to cheer more as well. It's no different for the Rangers.

Kansas City Royals v Texas Rangers
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At the All-Star break during the summer, things weren't looking too great for the team. The Rangers had a record of 38-33 after a rough first half. It's a point in the season where most teams judge how the rest of the season will go for them.

It wasn't until the Rangers started listening to Creed in the clubhouse before games as a way to have fun and deal with the incoming second half of the season that they saw their turnaround, according to Rangers pitcher Andrew Heaney.

The team improved their record to 90-72, tying their American League West counterparts, the Houston Astros - who they will be facing in the American League Championship Series. Only five of the 30 MLB teams finished this season with more than 90 wins, and the Rangers players are crediting Creed for making it as far as they have.

The fans have adopted the band as well. Check out this video from the Rangers beating out the Orioles to advance to the ALCS.

The team even had a full lyric singalong showing up on the screen to help out with the words.

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