A 26-year-old guy in Philadelphia named Talib Adams stole someone's laptop and cell phone back in January, and took off running. But he wasn't quite fast enough because he happened to run past three members of a running club.

Kyle Cassidy, Natalie Herbert, and Samantha Oliver are part of a running club that meets at lunch, three times a week. At first, they were just impressed with the guy's speed. Kyle says he was probably running close to a 7-minute mile pace.

But then the guy who owned the laptop ran up huffing and puffing and told them what happened. So they started chasing him.

They ended up following him into a construction site and say it was almost like being in an action movie. There were giant machines running, and sparks flying everywhere.

Talib was pretty gassed by then, and tried to hide in some bushes, but he took off again when he heard them searching nearby. So Kyle tried to chase after him again but ended up tearing one of his calf muscles. (You gotta stretch, people.)

Luckily it was only a minor tear, so he's okay, and it turned out the construction workers called the cops, who showed up just in time to arrest Talib.

The runners say it probably wasn't the best idea to go after him, but they added it was, "probably the biggest adventure" they've had so far.

Read more at Runner's World / CBS Philly.

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