The LAPD is testing a new tether device from what can be assumed to be Wayne Enterprises. The new device will help officers detain perpetrators without using force.

The BolaWrap 100 fires a Kevlar cord that wraps up the individual, restricting mobility, giving officers time to apprehend a suspect without using tasers or firearms.

It's made by Las Vegas-based "Wrap Technologies," and sounds like a gun when it goes off, launching the tether. The ends of the tether have small barbs in them, similar to a stun gun, potentially sticking in and latching on to the clothes or skin of the assailant.

The device has been adopted by multiple departments in and around Los Angeles, and is on the streets with many officers already.

The device was used in October, but failed to restrain the perp. The LAPD says it was still a successful use because the sound distracted the man long enough to be tased.

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