Mark King, a 54-year-old woodyard worker from Maidstone, Kent, in England, has a bizarre addiction to cheddar cheese. Over the years, he has spent more than $60,000 on his favorite dairy product, consuming at least two blocks of it daily.

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The Cheese Addict

His obsession with cheese goes so far that he will put an entire block of it into a single sandwich. Mark has even expressed his willingness to eat four blocks of cheese a day, although his wife Tracey, 49, would not let him.

TikTok @traceywinter1
TikTok @traceywinter1

Is This Unhealthy?

Surprisingly, doctors claim that despite his excessive cheese consumption, Mark is perfectly healthy. In fact, he even boasts a six-pack after acclimating his body to the dairy product.

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Mark is not picky about eating cheese with every meal, except for macaroni and cheese and cauliflower cheese, which he avoids as they are not cheesy enough for his liking.

"My husband probably eats the most amount of cheese that's humanly possible. He has two packs a day, he would eat a lot more but I've calmed him down - it got a bit out of control, to be honest," Tracey, a former cleaner, told the Mirror this National Cheese Day.

"I did a video on my TikTok account and it got millions of views and thousands of comments saying he'll have a heart attack and all that, because of the cheese," said Tracey.

"He's very healthy, I don't think he would have a heart attack - he's so muscular. I took him to the GP for blood and all that and everything came back perfect.

"The GP said because he's been eating it for so long it's like he's acclimatized to it.

"When we met 25 years ago, he was doing these sandwiches - his favorite is a block of cheese in between two pieces of bread - he cuts it up. He has it with marmite, mayonnaise, and white pepper.

How Does This Affect The Couple's Life?

Initially, Tracey didn't think much of her husband's love for cheese, as he had always consumed it in copious amounts. However, after filming a video, she became concerned about his intake. Despite her worries, Mark insisted that his cheese consumption was harmless and had no side effects.

In fact, he was incredibly fit for his age, boasting a muscular build and a six-pack. Meanwhile, Tracey couldn't even stand the thought of eating cheese, let alone consuming it in such large quantities.

The couple realized they were spending a lot of money on cheese and made a conscious effort to cut down to just one block a day. Mark's daily cheese habit was costing them approximately 7 euros a day, 210 a month, 2,520 a year, and a staggering 63,000 (67274.24 USD) since Tracey had known him.

We've been enjoying a good laugh lately because my husband has been featured in several newspapers. But it's all good since it's just a part of his real life.

No matter what dish we have, be it a shepherd's pie or anything else, he never forgets to put cheese on top of it.

What Doesn't He Eat

Surprisingly, he doesn't eat macaroni and cheese and dislikes pasta. Even when we received a hamper from Cathedral City containing mac and cheese, he refused to try them because they didn't have enough cheese on them to satisfy his taste.

"The Cheese King"
"The Cheese King"

"He doesn't like nachos either. He'll rarely eat cauliflower cheese - cheese sauces don't appeal to him.

"Everyone calls him the cheese king on TikTok now, people recognize us in the street and go, 'Oh my God, it's the cheese king'!"

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