The residents of Gosport, England can rest easy knowing they have a dedicated law-enforcement officer in their midst. In a rib-tickling new video, a police officer rode a miniature bicycle to chase down a burglary suspect.

Gosport Police / SWNS
Gosport Police / SWNS

How Did The Officer Get The Bike?

During a search for the perpetrator in the White Lion Walk neighborhood on a Friday evening, one quick-witted officer noticed a young boy on a bike and asked to borrow it in order to continue the pursuit, as per reports from SWNS.

“Please can I borrow your bike?” Hampshire police officer Harriett Taylor asked the boy. “I will return it to you.”


Asking the child for permission, the Hampshire police officer Harriett Taylor promised to return the bicycle after use and quickly pedaled away towards the suspect on the tiny bicycle, much to the amusement of the onlookers.

Video Footage

As shown in the footage, Taylor was riding a small blue-and-white bike down the road that appeared to be much smaller than her size.

Did She Catch The Criminal?

The brilliant strategy seemed to have been successful, as the offender was apprehended on charges of theft, burglary, and shoplifting.

The young lad who loaned his bicycle to the police officer is being recognized as a "brave little hero" by Hampshire law enforcement.

Gosport Police / SWNS
Gosport Police / SWNS


“If you thought you spotted PC Taylor riding a child’s bike in the town center last night, we can confirm that your eyes weren’t deceiving you,” police said in a statement obtained by SWNS.

“She was indeed riding a child’s bike in the town center earlier this evening!”

Returning The Bike

And, true to her word, Taylor returned the bike to the boy and posed for a photo with him.

“Thank you so much for the generous loan of your bike, young man!” police applauded him. “You, and your bike, were a great help to us!”

Hampshire police also joked the youngster could borrow a police car whenever he needs one.

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