In a bizarre turn of events, the tranquility of a peaceful neighborhood in Essex, England was momentarily disrupted by what appeared to be the anguished cries of a distressed woman. Concerned citizens quickly dialed emergency services, eager to ensure the safety and well-being of their community.

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Police Arrive

When the police arrived at the scene, they were met with an unexpected sight. Rather than finding a crime scene or an individual in distress, they were greeted by a chorus of squawks emanating from within a residence on Canvey Island.

As the bewildered homeowner, Steve Wood, swung open his front door, a wave of relief washed over him. The stern expressions on the officers' faces soon melted into infectious laughter. The culprit behind the perplexing noise was none other than one of Wood's cherished pet parrots.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto

Mystery Solved

"I thought, 'Oh my god, what have I done?'" Wood told BBC Essex. "I opened the door to two laughing police officers and they said, 'Don't worry mate, I think we've got this one sussed.'"


The officers shared the details of the report they had received - a screaming woman. Within moments of their arrival, they discerned that the true origin of the noise was the squawking of Freddie, a spirited 3-year-old parrot among the flock of 22 residing in Wood's home.

Wood said all of his parrots tend to be vocal in the mornings and evenings, but one of the birds, 3-year-old Freddie, has been especially loud lately.

Meet Freddie

"I'm just surprised it hasn't happened previously," he said of the police visit.

Wood, a retired police officer, praised the officers who showed up at his home.

"I thought the police did an extremely good job in turning up to protect families. A family could have been around, so the police attended properly," he told EssexLive.

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